I am an Web Developer, SEO master, who has chosen to specialize in web design, , creation of websites, and of all operations related to a good optimization: Seo, Sem, Sea, Serp
How many strange terms !! you will be asking their meaning !!. In essence, I translate your wishes, your needs to be present and visible to promote your product or service, in the platform that is more used and incisive at the moment, or the web.

What is now the web was once the television. As television has entered the home of all of us, today are smartphones and tablets to be.

Even the beloved pc is becoming unusual for navigation, in fact (data “We are social 2017”) 70% of the world’s population that connects to the internet does so in mobility! that is through tablets and smartphones.

What translates all this with your site that you want to promote? Surely first of all, the site will have to be beautiful and appealing not only by PC but also, indeed in 2018 will have to be mainly functional and well viewable from smartphones and tablets.

All now have a website, it has become a normality, but all this is not enough, a site must not only appear but above all work!


Last work

Here are my last works in temporal order. All the following sites have been rebuilt from scratch, in agreement with the owners. Sometimes it is more useful to make a new site from scratch than to try to modernize the old site. Both in terms of timing and current performance and optimization.
At the moment the wordpress platform is the best solution both in terms of ranking (to be found on google) and responsive (sites that adapt to the various display devices, PC, tablet, smartphone) that in terms of realization (site ready in 15 days)


My Services

web develepor venice italy

Website creation

Creation of websites in WordPress, optimized for SEO, fast, interactive with great graphic impact visible both from PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Positioning SEO websites

Your website can be best positioned with the keywords of success that are important to you in the google search engines.

Social manager

The potential of social media should be exploited in the best possible way, with careful planning of contents


All the techniques aimed for a good positioning in search engines

Logo design

All the techniques aimed for a good positioning in search engines

Booking engine

All the techniques aimed for a good positioning in search engines



My work tools
realizzazione siti web venezia


The most popular CMS at the moment

realizzazione sito internet venezia

Google Analytics

A tool that allows you to monitor incoming traffic and more.
realizzazione siti web venezia

Google Search Consolle

A tool that allows the correct indexing of the site highlighting any problems
realizzazione siti web venezia


A software that allows the search for keywords, and analyzes its competitiveness and more
realizzazione siti web venezia


A software that uncovers the organic and paid search strategies of your competitors, and more.

realizzazione siti web venezia

Screaming frog

A software, a website crawler, which allows you to crawl website URLs and retrieve key SEO features, and more.
realizzazione siti web venezia


SeoZOOM is the made in Italy SEO suite that allows you to analyze traffic volumes, keyword trends and study competition, and more
realizzazione siti web venezia


gogole Adwrod, google’s paid campaigns.


How I work

Every customer is different, an individual approach is therefore the basis of my work. Understanding, knowing, understanding and knowing each other is perhaps the most difficult thing. Turning your ideas into reality is my mission


A preliminary meeting where to understand what and how the future site will be, is the main step

Planning / Research of competitors

Against whom we must fight? Who are our main competitors? A careful search must be carried out.

Skatches / Draft site

I will provide you with some drafts, to understand what your aesthetic tastes are in your future site. We will end up quini the “I do not like it” at the end of the work.

Development / contents

We will move on to the practical part by adding content to your site. The contents, texts, translations, photos must be of a high standard.

Final discussion

Once the project is completed, we will launch it on the web

Adwords / ADV

The first time the positioning of a site on the web is difficult, but we could use a little help provided by Google, or Adwords paid ads, which used correctly will allow us to close the gap against current opponents.


Start toghether a project